A Brief 2020 Year-End Wrap Up

For several years in the early life of this little blog I would compile end-of-the-year "best of" lists. They were fun to do but I haven't posted one for several years now because the series was canceled due to poor ratings. Almost nobody read them.  

I'm not posting a list this year but 2020 deserves a short year end review because some very good, new music was released. In addition, there was some amusing, blog related stuff that I'd like to share.

  • Recently, I posted a review of Kind of Blue, the 1959 album by Miles Davis that true jazz fans have adored for decades. It has often been called the greatest jazz record ever made. I dislike it and said so in a review that you can read here. It's still on my iTunes account but the CD is going into my reject pile for possible resale. The reason I'm mentioning Kind of Blue again so soon is because when I posted the blog link on Twitter it generated two of the best responses I've ever seen about one of my posts. Both are very funny.

  • Probably the shortest new post of 2020 is one of the year's most read. It features Dana Carvey doing an impression of Paul McCartney explaining Facebook and the Internet to John Lennon in Heaven. If you haven't seen the video yet here is your chance. I've always been a Carvey fan and this bit is one of the reasons why.
  • A cool thing occurred way back in 2011 but I only discovered it recently. Someone else wrote a Wikipedia article about the Jackson Browne song, "Hold On Hold Out." They used a quote about the song and properly credited it  to Bloggerhythms in their article.
  • The Coronavirus restrictions helped this tiny spot on the Internet to have its most prolific year ever - 69 new posts were published. That fact, and promoting every post on Twitter, helped increase the number of daily page views Bloggerhythms now receives to its highest level in over ten years. Here is a big thank you to everyone who comes to visit.
  • Finally, here are my favorite full length albums of 2020. First, there is Chris Pellnat's folk-pop album, Rain. Recently, I was won over by Beth Lee's Americana roots record, Waiting On You Tonight. Newcomer Emma Swift released her excellent eight song set of Bob Dylan covers and Californian Zach Phillips gave the world the year's most outstanding new collection of tunes, one that is heavily influenced by 70s singer-songwriters, The Wine of Youth.
         Happy New Year and see you in 2021.


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