Dana Carvey - John Lennon Talks To Paul McCartney From Heaven

Instead of writing a full post today I'm featuring a music related, Netflix comedy bit that is too good to pass up.

Dana Carvey has always been one of my favorite Saturday Night Live comedians. I never tire of the Church Lady or his portrayal of Garth in the popular Wayne's World movie and skits.

Here Carvey impersonates both Paul McCartney and John Lennon. While watching this hysterical bit it helps to remember that Lennon knew nothing about the technology we use today. He left us in December 1980, before the CD became the first major product of the digital age just a couple of years later.

You'll laugh hard as Sir Paul clues his late songwriting partner in on our current celebrities, the Internet, the devices its invention has spawned, and how the last two affected our lives.