Bloggerhythms accepts requests to review your new music, but due to time constraints of the real world it can take several weeks for it to be posted. Once your article is published feel free to use the link anywhere you believe it will be helpful. You may also quote from it as long as proper credit is given. 

Digital downloads and physical copies of your new, full length albums or EPs - on either LP or CD - are acceptable. If you need an address, just ask. I do not subscribe to any streaming services so I will not be able to access your music from Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, or any similar site.

Please don't make me dig for information about you. In order to make it easier to write about your music please include liner notes, credits, cover art, lyrics and web address if they're available. If possible, I also like to attach a video so readers can sample your work.

Have a look around the site to see what kind of music is discussed on Bloggerhythms. My preferred genres are rock, pop, jazz, country, folk, and blues. I'm not interested in heavy metal, punk, grunge or rap so please don't waste your time sending your stuff to me.

Requests to promote a single song, an upcoming concert tour, or video will not be honored.

I'll only reply back to you if I intend to write about your album.