Bloggerhythms is a totally independent music blog for adults that grew out of my love of rock 'n roll and popular music. It began in April 2005 as an outlet for album reviews of mostly new music. Gradually, over time, it's focus has shifted toward older material but interesting new releases will still be discussed. More about that here.

Bloggerhythms features many different genres of music but I'm not interested in metal, punk, or rap. If that is what you are looking for you'll have to search elsewhere.

Every post ever written for Bloggerhythms appears in The Archives.

Part 1 lists all of the pop, rock, and country album reviews, first alphabetically by artist, then chronologically within each artist's listing.

Part 2 is where you can find Christmas songs and albums, jazz, and Celtic rock music, also alphabetically by artist, then chronologically within each artist's listing.  There is also a section featuring concert reviews, listed alphabetically by artist.

Part 3 is a chronological listing of essays and articles on an array of topics, including all of the posts under the Almost Hits series.

One of my favorite things about Bloggerhythms is the blogroll. I'm always looking for new blogs to add so I'm willing to add yours if it's related in some way to the music covered here. If you would like yours included please contact me. Whenever you post something new your blog will jump to the top of the list. However, I'll occasionally review the links and if you do not post any new content for a long period of time your blog could be removed.

To view the blogroll and a few other interesting music related Internet sites on the sidebar just click on the icon consisting of three horizontal lines located at the upper left hand corner of the home page.

I periodically search for dead links and videos to keep the subject matter as interesting as possible. If you see something that needs to be fixed please let me know.

Thank you for visiting.
Charlie Ricci

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