Sunday, June 28, 2015

Chris Squire (1948 - 2015)

Sadly, Yes bassist Chris Squire passed away of acute erythroid leukemia yesterday at age 67.

In the revolving door that was Yes Squire was the only member to appear on every album the band, who isn't in the hall of fame but should be, ever released.

While the low profile Squire was less known than former members Jon Anderson and Rick Wakeman, he was an extremely important cog in the wheel that kept the Yes machine rolling. Some people even say the band could not have existed without him. As All Music Guide so accurately stated his bass playing frequently served as another lead instrument.

Squire also sang back up and was responsible for co-composing many of the quintet's best songs.

The prog-rocker's solo output was small. He only released four albums in his name throughout his career. Yes was always his primary focus.

This post is shorter than most of the articles published here because the best way to celebrate Chris Squire's contributions to rock music is to just listen to his work. Nothing more needs to be said. Below, he proves AMG's point on one of the truly great rock records of all time, the brilliant "Close to The Edge." It simply wouldn't be the same song if the bass lines had been played any other way.

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