Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Boston Boys - Keep You Satisfied (2013)

The Boston Boys are a young quartet who met at Boston's Berklee School of Music. Currently based out of Brooklyn, NY they are undeniably talented and offer a unique fusion of rock, bluegrass, and folk music.

The group has just released their second EP, Keep You Satisfied, that shows off all of the skills students of their prestigious alma mater should possess. In addition to the usual rock instruments The Boston Boys work fiddle, mandolin, a great sense of melody, and fine vocals into their act. They also know how to write lyrics.

The title track rocks and the amps are turned up high. Duncan Wickel, plays a killer fiddle solo on "Endless Creation." "Honeycomb" combines rock 'n roll verses and a little bit of soul with an almost bluegrass instrumental chorus. "Take Me Under" is a soft acoustic ballad about someone who is ready to die and go to heaven. "Amelia" sounds like it could be a hit on any adult contemporary radio station.

The Boston Boys are part bar band, part Avett Brothers, part Mumford & Sons, and part 1970's Laurel Canyon sound. The former music students' latest release is for listeners who are not looking for hard rock but crave art edgy enough to satisfy their need for something more than just routine radio fare.

Following the recording of their first EP, What You Say?!, in 2012 the band was selected to take part in a five week tour of North Africa and the Middle East sponsored by the American Music Abroad program and the U. S. State Department.

Brevity aside, Keep You Satisfied is a strong enough effort to be considered one of the top albums of the year. Excellent all around!

You can stream the entire EP below for free.

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