Monday, February 08, 2010

Edgehill Avenue - Off the Edge: Live at the Highlands Festival (2010)

Edgehill Avenue, the mighty fine Southern rock band from Louisville, continue to search for some much deserved attention for Rambler, their first full length studio CD. In the meantime they just released a brand new live EP, Off the Edge: Live at the Highlands Festival, that includes three songs from Rambler. There are two more from their currently out of print, self-titled EP ("All I Need" and "60 Days") and two previously unreleased tunes ("Corduroy" and "Summer Rain").

While band leader Drew Perkins calls Off The Edge an EP it's not one of those short, twenty minute, overpriced disappointments. At thirty-seven minutes it would have been a full length album in the pre-digital age so, because it's priced economically at $7 for a CD and only $5 for a download of all seven songs, it's worth every penny, especially because the band proved they are just as comfortable playing live as they are in the studio.

While the quintet embraces improvisation, and there is a very nice guitar battle between Perkins and lead axeman Mike McLaughlin on "Corduroy," they don't bore you with interminable jamming. Sonically, the recording is excellent. Perkins vocals are more up front allowing the listener to understand the lyrics easier than on the original versions.

If your a fan of Rambler this CD is a nice companion disc that will only encourage ticket sales if the band ever decides to visit your town.

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