Saturday, February 07, 2009

Taking Hatred Of Billy Joel A Bit Too Far

I've never posted anything on Bloggerhythms criticizing what other people have written but today I'm making an exception. That is because I found an article worthy of your attention and I'm posting the link here because the author needs to be exposed. Below is a link to an article by Ron Rosenbaum at Slate Magazine that takes hating Billy Joel to an all new level.

Rosenbaum is one of those effete writers who, in order to feel superior to everyone else, challenges a musician's right to walk, talk, eat, or even breathe air. Hating the artist's music is simply not enough. The article shows a total lack of class at the rocker's expense.

I’ll admit I've always been a big fan of Joel's music, but even if you’re not, I’m sure you will agree this article is putrid.

It’s a very long read but please take a look now at Rosenbaum's The Worst Pop Singer Ever and consider hurling a little hate back his way.


  1. Sad and embarrassing. This is an obvious subscription-drive tactic used by a failing magazine that nobody reads and no one will miss when it folds.

  2. Ron Rosenbaum doesn't deserve to be hated. He deserves to be pitied. He's so steeped in his own hatred that he's completely abrogated any credentials he might ever have claimed as a legitimate journalist. He essentially wet his pants in public and now he'll have to live with that for the rest of his life. Most of us would rather be the worst pop singer ever than the best critic...... ever.

  3. Someone who invests that much effort in writing an article centered around someone he hates because he doesn't like the guy's music says much more about the writer than it does about the object of his hatred. And what it says ain't pretty.

  4. I don't think Billy Joel cares what this clown thinks, as long as he actually paid the retail price for a Billy Joel double album.