Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Brandi Carlile - The Story (2007)

It's always a pleasure to find a young adult who appears to be wise beyond his or her years. Such is the case with twenty-five year old Brandi Carlile who proves with her songs that she is one who indeed may be far more mature than her age may indicate.

Playing music that can best be categorized as folk-rock, Carlile writes thought provoking lyrics that prove she has intelligence, feelings, and despite growing up in extremely rural surroundings in the state of Washington, she knows there is a world that stretches far beyond her horizon.

The Story, Carlile's second CD, has the acoustic folk music ("Josephine" and "Have You Ever") that is obligatory of most female singer-songwriters, but this young lady also likes to rock. The title cut is a very catchy and melodic rocker that very well may be the song of the year.

The talented twin brothers, Phil and Tim Hanseroth, who have been in her band from the beginning are more than just sidemen. In addition to being close friends and kindred spirits with the star they also share in the composing, and Phil, who wrote "The Story" and "Have You Ever," makes me want to hear more of his work.

Carlile has a great voice that alternates between a sweet alto on the ballads and folk songs, to a giant raspy Melissa Etheridge type growl on the rockers. You can hear both styles on "The Story."

The CD was produced by T-Bone Burnett, one of the top producers in the business. He always brings out the best in an artist and Carlile is no exception.


  1. Hey thanks for the tip on Brandi, I will check her out!!! I totally trust T-Bone!

  2. beautifull song :-)