Sunday, June 05, 2005

The Saw Doctors - Live In Galway (2004)

Live In Galway, released in 2004, is The Saw Doctors first live album and their latest to be available in America.

The Doctors are one of the great Irish rock bands, second in popularity in Ireland only to U2, yet they remain virtually unknown in America except to hardcore fans of Celtic music.

Because vintage Saw Doctors music is not easily available stateside you may view Live In Galway as a tempting first purchase, but please do yourself a favor and don't rush out to buy this CD unless you are already a fan of their first two releases If This Is Rock & Roll I Want My Old Job Back and their followup All The Way From Tuam. If you are not familiar with those CDs Live In Galway will be an unfullfilling experience because most of the songs do not have the high quality production of their excellent studio recordings. The melody and lead guitar are washed out of the songs due to the imperfect live mix and therefore the songs all tend to sound the same. When I finally heard their first two CDs I became far more appreciative of this performance from a band who has a great reputation playing on stage.

The album is almost a greatest hits live and contains their two most famous songs, "N17," and "I Useta Love Her" along with several other choice nuggets such as "Red Cortina," "The Green and "Red Of Mayo," and "I'll Be On My Way.

"Bless Me Father" gives the listener a good glimpse of the the Saw Doctors typical humorous irreverence while still acknowledging their obvious Irish-Catholic roots.

Become a fan of the Saw Doctors studio works first. Only then will you appreciate Live In Galway.

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