Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Young Dubliners - With All Due Respect, The Irish Sessions (2007)

Irish bands love to embrace their roots. The Young Dubliners, the Los Angeles based Celtic rock quintet, are back with an album of fired up arrangements of traditional Irish folk songs and cover versions of more modern fare from Irish rockers like Shane McGowan.

With All Due Respect, The Irish Sessions is a joyous romp through music the band truly loves played in the style of an uproarious Irish pub rock band. The Irish Sessions is fast and loud (except for 3 ballads) and yet it sounds totally Irish because the tin whistles and uilleann pipes fit in easily with the usual rock band lineup. Keith Roberts' band has always been a hard rocking outfit whose anthemic mainstream rock is spiced with just enough bar band and punk sensibilities (as their love of McGowan proves) to avoid sounding too cliched.

This album is an Irish party from start to finish. It will make people who can't dance want to stomp their feet and even make teetotallers imbibe some Guinness. It's been a long time since I've heard a rock album that is this much fun.

Read more on With All Due Respect at the Celtic Lounge who interviewed Keith Roberts about the CD.

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