Thursday, June 16, 2011

Research Turtles - Mankiller, Part 1 of 2 (2011)

Research Turtles are back with a new EP, the independently produced Mankiller, Part 1 of 2. It's a brief 15:38 set of music that shows off the Louisiana quartet's growing pop sensibilities while still taking advantage of their natural inclination to rock hard. They can write melodies and shatter windows at the same time.

The short "Girl Like You" is mostly an acapella track with pleasant vocals and gentle acoustic guitar. It completes its job in just 1:13. "Bugs In A Jar" is a very nice ballad made for radio and "You Are So" is catchy pop-rock with some clever electric guitar licks. The band kicks things up a notch on the boisterous title track and then closes the disc out with the rampaging "Rhinestone Gal."

Bassist-singer Jud Norman wrote all of the songs on their debut but this time around credit is shared with guitarist-vocalist Logan Fontenot, drummer Blake Thibodeaux, and newcomer Joseph Darbonne who replaced Jud's brother, Joe Norman, on guitar and vocals.

Slightly reminiscent of Fountains of Wayne, Research Turtles can sing, play, and compose as well as many veterans bands who have achieved far greater success and, based on what they've offered us on Mankiller, they're also poised to hit the big time soon.

You can purchase Mankiller on Research Turtles' website.

Here is the review of their first full length album.

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