Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Ben Vaughn - The Desert Trailer Sessions (2014)

One of the benefits of running a music blog are the frequent email requests I receive to showcase new music. Bloggerhythms receives more than a half dozen of these requests every week, way more than can possibly be listened to. Most of them are for new acts desperate for any kind of publicity but once in awhile, an established performer sends something ear worthy. Such is the case with the unknown label, Kizmiaz Records on behalf of veteran, 60s retro and roots rocker, Ben Vaughn.

Vaughn has carved out a nice career for himself composing original music for That 70s Show and Third Rock From The Sun along with his own long solo recording and performing career. I've been a Vaughn fan for a long time now so any new music he releases is appreciated.

Vaughn's new album, The Desert Trailer Sessions, is quite a departure from anything he's produced outside of TV before. The twelve track record features just his vocals accompanied only by his solo acoustic guitar and was recorded entirely in a 1975 Silver Streak trailer in Wonder Valley, California. If that premise sounds slightly familiar to you it's because back in 1997 he recorded an entire rock album playing every instrument himself inside a 1965 Rambler.

Only 300 copies of The Desert Trailer Sessions will be issued on vinyl in June of this year and it will only be available at Vaughn's shows and on the record company's website. There are currently no official plans to release it in other formats.

In an email Vaughn sent to Bloggerhythms in response to a question he said, "The idea for the record came about in a simple way. I was scheduled to play some shows in France and thought it would be nice to have something to sell at the venues. Kizmiaz offered to put out a limited vinyl record so I recorded some songs in my trailer in the desert. I rearranged a bunch of old tunes for the project and I really like the way they came out. It was very windy when I was recording. Maybe you can hear that. I know I can."

In this setting Vaughn's sometimes unusual sense of humor is less apparent but his pleasing baritone voice allows him to be one of the few artists who can get away with just a guitar as accompaniment. While Vaughn doesn't break any new ground with this brief 31:25 album it makes for fine listening and serves as proof of his versatility.

Learn more at Vaughn's website.

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