Thursday, April 24, 2014

Buried Treasure: Edward Bear - Last Song (1972)

Edward Bear was a Canadian group that was nearly a one hit wonder in America in 1972 but they were popular in their native land and had a string of hits. Their biggest chart success in both countries was "Last Song (I'll Ever Write For You)." It went to #1 up North and #3 here in America. Their only other song to crack the top forty in the USA was "Close Your Eyes" (#37) the following year. "Last Song" is a sad tune about a man who hasn't seen the girl he loves in two years and is writing a song about it.

Larry Evoy was a fine lead singer for a band aligned with the very popular, soft-rock sub-genre that was huge in the 1970s and he was the only member who was in the lineup throughout their entire history (1966 - 1974).

Edward Bear was not the kind of outfit to earn respect from critics. Their music was too sweet sounding and their their image was even more of a problem (They took their name from Winnie The Pooh's proper name). Nevertheless they became a favorite of the usually very edgy and bloody Quentin Tarantino (go figure)!

I'm not one to listen to sappy radio singles but Evoy's vocal, the melody, and the fact that AM radio played this song to death during a very happy period in my life made me quite fond of it.

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