Friday, March 07, 2014

Nine Times Blue - Matter Of Time (2014)

Kirk Waldrop's power pop quartet, Nine Times Blue, is back with their second release, the six-song EP, Matter Of Time.

Waldrop (lead vocals, guitar, composer) is joined by Greg King (lead guitar and backing vocals), Jeff Nelson (bass and backing vocals), and Jason Brewer (drums and percussion). While the sidemen are listed as the band on their ten song debut, Falling Slowly, they only play on two of the tracks. Here, on the new disc, King, Nelson, and Brewer are the full time supporting cast and they lay down a solid foundation for Waldrop's vocals and songs.

The change in personnel hasn't done much to alter the sound of the group. They still have the same DNA as Arizona's Gin Blossoms and they also owe a debt of gratitude to a host of other bands who preceded them including Fountains of Wayne who sound like they've penetrated Waldrop's soul too. This means that music lovers who have an affinity for rock that is straightforward, well sung, well played, and professionally produced have some new stuff to add to their collections.

It also helps that King is a very good lead player. With his brief solo on the EP's single "Only Lonely (The Shovel Song)" he proves he can hang with a whole lot of famous axemen.

Waldrop is not a newcomer to the music business. In addition to fronting his first band in the mid-90s he worked as a producer on two Paul McCartney tribute albums that raised money for cancer research in honor of the former Beatle's late wife, Linda. The compilations featured a host of well known and highly regarded contributors. Among them were Matthew Sweet, They Might Be Giants, Semisonic, The Finn Brothers, Barenaked Ladies, and Robyn Hitchcock. Read more about both CDs with their complete track listings here.

Learn more about Nine Times Blue at their website. You can buy Matter Of Time on CD or mp3 at Amazon.

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