Thursday, September 19, 2013

Some Random Musical Odds & Ends

Below are some interesting music related odds and ends from around the web for you to enjoy while Bloggerhythms is on hiatus for a couple of weeks. See you in early October.
  • Let's start with an article by JC Mosquito (yes, that's his online moniker), a writer for Something Else Reviews. It's about "Taxi," a minor, 1972 hit from singer-songwriter Harry Chapin that seems to be forgotten today.
  • Murray Gershenz, owner of almost a half million records, has passed away. Read all about him and watch the video about his huge and remarkable collection.
  • At first it appeared that the ipod classic was going to become a thing of the past but after the recently concluded Apple event the old friend is still around. Read about it here.
  • Please take a look at Mike's Basement, an interesting music blog I recently discovered, published by Mike Marrone, the program director of Sirius XM's very good, "contemporary eclectic," radio station, The Loft.

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