Thursday, September 26, 2013

Buried Treasure: Los Lonely Boys - Live At The Fillmore (2005)

It's unusual for a band to put out a seventy-five minute plus live album as a followup to a major label debut yet that is exactly what Los Lonely Boys did with the release of Live At The Fillmore. Their self-titled debut was so successful that their record company was clamoring for more and since it appears that the brothers had no new material ready for a sophomore release, this CD was the result. The good news is that while Live At The Fillmore is obviously an attempt to strike again while the iron is hot it is also a very fine performance from a highly pleasurable, rocking, mainstream jam band.

The concert was recorded October 23, 2004. The trio offered up alternate versions of some of their early songs so purchasing Live At The Fillmore will neither be a boring nor a repetitive experience if you already own their eponymous debut. Unlike the studio album "More Than Love" is given an acapella treatment. "Dime Mi Amor" adds a long guitar solo to the end that gives Henry Garza the chance to show off his stuff, and of course, "Onda," the most obvious choice for a jam session, gives all three brothers a chance to standout. There is also one original not on the album: a cool, danceable, funky, "Man To Beat." Two covers, War's "Cisco Kid," and "La Bamba," a song that is almost required by law to be played by any Latino band, are added to the set list to provide some flair.

A welcome addition to the lineup for this show is Stevie Ray Vaughan's former keyboard player Reese Wynans. He fit in very nicely.

The concert opens with the question, "Are you ready for some Texican rock and roll?" The answer is "yes" because on stage Los Lonely Boys deliver the goods.

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