Thursday, February 07, 2013

Tipsy in Chelsea - Tipsy in Chelsea (2012)

Dean Falcone and Trish Thompson, the two guiding lights of Tipsy in Chelsea, were put in touch with each other because of a less than happy circumstance: the death of a mutual friend. While chatting on the phone together they coincidentally discovered that by some odd quirk of fate they were both going to be in New York City for the same Cheap Trick concert. This led to a meeting over drinks in Manhattan's Chelsea district before the show.

During the soon to be bandmates' first meeting they realized they had a lot in common musically and, even though Thompson hails from Atlanta, GA and Falcone from New Haven, CT, their desire to write songs and work together trumped the limitations of the many miles between them. The result is Tipsy in Chelsea's first CD, an eponymous, independently produced disc by Falcone who co-wrote seven of the nine tracks with Thompson.

Tipsy in Chelsea have old musical souls and they share a love of 60s and 70s soft rock and power pop. Their arrangements incorporate everything from Burt Bacharach to Chicago (they frequently make full use of a horn section). While their influences are obvious they add a modern, glossy sheen that contrasts with the earthier, leaner productions of the classic artists they admire.

Highlights include a very nice cover of The 5th Dimension's 1972 ballad "(Last Night) I Didn't Get to Sleep at All." Jon Auer, co-founder of The Posies and one of the great purveyors of modern power pop, sings backup and mixed both the oldie and the twosome's new "This Real Love." Two other originals, "Absolutely Involuntary" and "Wouldn't Mind the Wait" are tuneful standouts.

Lyrically, the songs are not heavy (they're all about relationships) but they're not maudlin either.

Thompson is a fine singer and Falcone plays guitar along with a whole host of keyboards.

Overall, Tipsy in Chelsea's debut is satisfying mainstream fare that should appeal to all ages, even a rocker like me.

Visit TIC's website and buy their music from Amazon on mp3 or CD.

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