Monday, January 10, 2011

Woozy Viper - Rock & Roll (2010)

The mysterious Luke and Mitch Meseke, who comprise the duo Woozy Viper, are back with more tunes that sound as if it they were recorded in their bedroom on a small cassette recorder.  If your mind conjures up images of early period Kinks (as it should easily do on "She's Mine") and 60s garage rock with even muddier production standards then usual, you'll understand Woozy Viper. The sparse sound and arrangements of Rock & Roll are quite similar to their virtually unknown eponymous debut of 2009 that is a very enjoyable excursion into the land of unpretentious rock and strange lyrics.

Woozy Viper's juvenile side comes through on the very short acoustic romp "Party Town U.S.A." in which the lyrics barely say anything more than "There's a party going on, gonna have so much fun." I'm certain the Mesekes' anger toward a certain girl who broke their hearts on "I Want to Strangle You" is a joke.  If it isn't the boys need to see a shrink right away.   Maybe it's a good thing the lyrics aren't easily discernible.  "It's Such a Drag" ignites memories of so many different 60s bands I can't list them all.  Lyrically Woozy Viper could be the Rolling Stones in a foul mood but musically, in addition to The Kinks, you may hear The Monkees, Paul Revere and The Raiders, and The Stangeloves' mid-60s ditty, "I Want Candy."

There is no biographical information or gig schedule anywhere on their website or Myspace page so one can only guess at the brothers' motivations, influences, and musicals goals (if they have any).

If you want something offbeat but fun, you need to check these guys out.

This short, ten track album clocks in at under thirty minutes and it's only available in the MP3 format through Amazon or on iTunes.

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