Thursday, September 09, 2010

The Posies - Blood/Candy (2010)

Lead singer Ken Stringfellow and fellow songwriter Jonathan Auer are the two main spokes in the musical wheel known as The Posies, another revered 90s band from Seattle. They're back with a whole new rhythm section and a brand new CD, Blood/Candy.

The Posies songwriting has always been their strong suit and while they are fine musicians, Stringfellow and Auer are not about flashy axe work or even a good groove. Solos are short and sweet, and as with most power pop, excellent harmonies and melodies share space everywhere.

The Posies don't mimic their influences, they honor them. The early Who, Squeeze, and The Beatles all turn up in their repertoire and you shouldn't be surprised to learn that Stringfellow was recently an important member of Big Star. He helped keep Alex Chilton's much cherished cult band alive over the last few years. The two bandleaders prove that rock doesn't have to be filled with bombast, rebellion, or alienation to win over the hearts and minds of fans and the critics.

Blood/Candy is loaded with good songs. The light airy vocal pop of "Glitter Prize," "Notion 99," "Holiday Hours,"and "So Caroline" are all intelligent tracks that are ready made for radio. "Licenses To Hide" and "She's Coming Down" have a definite Squeeze influence. "For The Ashes" could have found it's roots in Paul McCartney's "Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey" and the introduction to "Take Care" definitely reminds the listener of Keith Moon in his louder caveman moments.

On Blood/Candy The Posies sound more like a top flight British Invasion band than anybody whoever came out of Seattle and the album is all the better for it.

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