Saturday, April 24, 2010

This Blog Is Now Old Enough To Attend Kindergarten

Today's post is probably the most personal one ever to appear on Bloggerhythms because I've followed one rule about blogging that I discovered on the web many years ago. It is to inject your personality into your posts without getting too personal.

Bloggerhythms turns five years old this week and it's still online because I discovered I enjoy writing even more than I thought I would. I'm happy this is a passion that I can actively participate in because I embarrassed myself every single time I tried my hand at my first love, music, and my second one, baseball. (The Mendoza line was a huge pipe dream for me even when I was in little league).

This blog started out strictly as a CD review site but it's focus has changed slightly over the last couple of years because I discovered that readers are often more interested in some of the other music related stuff I've written about than they are in the reviews. I've also noticed that there appears to be greater interest and response to articles about artists and music from the baby boom era than more current fare. (Maybe that just means I have an older audience).

I know that the more a blogger posts the more readers he or she gets and I'm frequently shocked how prolific many of my fellow bloggers are. The last two years I've struggled to post at least once a week and because I've only come close to achieving that goal I proved I can miss the Mendoza line even in adulthood. I give a tip of my hat to those of you who manage to regularly post new stuff two or three times a week. How do you find the time to do it?

Finally, I apologize to those of you who I may have confused with multiple facelifts of Bloggerhythms in recent months. I had grown weary of Blogger's boring, amateurish looking templates and I even considered migrating over to Wordpress, However, with Blogger's recent upgrade I'm happy to at last come up with a look that I can appreciate. Now if they can just get rid of the stupid navbar.

I thank all of you who have come along for the ride these past few years. I don't know if there will be a tenth anniversary but I certainly hope so.


  1. Congratulations on your anniversary. If you don't succeed in posting as often as some of us do, perhaps it means you've got more important things to do with your life than we do, which is a good thing. Keep writing whenever you can, and we'll keep reading.

  2. I hope so too, Charlie! I look forward to many more posts from you... starting with the upcoming Forgotten Music Thursday post!

  3. Wow! Five years. I'm not sure that I knew what a blog was five years ago.

    Many congrats - let's hope the next five years brings some great music for us all to write about.