Saturday, April 08, 2006

The Basics - Private Drive (2006)

With Private Drive, The Basics second independent release, and follow up to Bitter/Sweet their 2003 debut, the band gives us more of the same. Please don’t let that discourage you because in this outfit's case more of the same is a very good thing. The trio still sounds exactly the way they want to and that means they are a perfect American, post-British Invasion, pre-psychedelic, 60's era garage band.

There is a little bit of almost every 60’s American rock band (except for the Beach Boys) implanted in the heart and soul of The Basics. Clean sounding American rock runs through their veins. This time around the group they most remind me of is Paul Revere and The Raiders but if you hear someone else I won't tell you that you're wrong. The band's emphasis on a long bygone era may make you believe that Doug Cowen and the boys just want to be throwbacks and that is not true. They still manage to offer their own distinctive flair that proves this album is a labor of love.

All twelve original songs are written by lead singer-guitarist Cowen and bassist Charley Neisis who hammer out some rockers, a few ballads, and one danceable instrumental tune, "2/Night," that sounds like something your local high school rock band would have played at a sock hop, only better.

You can buy Private Drive at Amazon or you can also purchase it through CD Baby where you can hear the music before you buy it.

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  1. In some cases more of the same can be a very good thing. I will check this one out right way, as it seemsr rather up my alley.