Sunday, April 19, 2009

Paul McCartney - Run Devil Run (1999)

The CD review below was written way back in 2000 which explains some of the dated statements you're about to read. Unfortunately it was never before published on Bloggerhythms. So, to keep the flow of articles moving while I'm away for a bit, here is a review of one of Paul McCartney's better CDs of the last ten years. It was recorded not long after the death of Linda McCartney.

Wow! Sir Paul of Liverpool really gets it rocking and rolling on his most recent CD, Run Devil Run, one of the best recordings of his solo career.

There are two major surprises surrounding this disc. The first is that a musician owning a reputation as one of rock's most elite and innovative composers of the 1960's achieves this level of excellence covering twelve songs by other artists from the 1950's. The second surprise is that it comes from a man who has been in mourning, devastated by the loss of his beloved wife. Instead of the drippy tribute album we all expected from him, the knighted one issued the first party album of his career.

All of the music heard here is loud, raucous, and done in an updated 1950's style with cleaner production and more modern, harder rocking arrangements. If you are a fan of The Beatles "I'm Down," or their version of "Long Tall Sally," Paul's best Beatles screamer, this album is for you. Fans of Little Richard should also sit up and listen. If McCartney considered Little Richard a teacher, he learned his lessons well. Note for note, this is the only totally rock and roll album he has ever recorded, with The Beatles, Wings, or as a solo act. No maudlin McCartney ballads exist anywhere.

Most of the covers, except for Elvis's "All Shook Up" and Rick Nelson's "Lonesome Town" are lesser known songs from the same era which help to keep things interesting since the tunes do not sound like retreads. In addition to the cover versions there are three new McCartney originals that fit right in with the mood of this album.

The band features David Gilmore of Pink Floyd on guitar and Ian Paice of Deep Purple on drums.

For a Beatles fan like myself, it is good to see McCartney still has the ability to make really good rock and roll music. After years and years of "Silly Love Songs" it is a welcome relief.

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  1. I heard he was a big hit at Coachella this weekend but the Ringo Starr rumor was just that - a rumor