Bloggerhythms is a totally independent music blog that grew out of my love of rock 'n roll and popular music. It's home office is in suburban Philadelphia.

I will write a negative review of a concert or album if I feel one is warranted. However, it's always easier and more rewarding to write about the music I love than the stuff I don't like so you'll find that most of the reviews and articles posted here will be on the positive side.

I realize that posting music files will frequently enhance the written word. Unfortunately, too many bloggers have had their sites removed from the web by their hosting companies for doing so without permission. Because I have put far too much work into Bloggerhythms to lose it you'll seldom find any music posted here. Instead, I will usually direct you to the artists' websites, YouTube, SoundCloud, or Amazon where you can hear samples of their work.

In August 2008, Bloggerhythms placed at #87 on a list of the top 100 music related blogs according to Alexa, a web ranking service. Check out the entire list.