Sunday, September 07, 2008

How Cool Is This? The Top 100 Music Related Blogs

I've always been a modest guy, or I try to be anyway, but I can't help but make the following announcement.

A website out of Liverpool, England that sells musical instruments online just posted an article listing the Top 100 most popular music related blogs. I am happy to announce that to my utter astonishment Bloggerhythms ranks #87 on the list based on statistics compiled by the Alexa Ranking Service, an organization who tracks the number of hits a website receives. You can read all about how their traffic rankings are calculated here.

My amazement partially stems from the fact that rankings such as these usually go to bloggers who post far more frequently than Bloggerhythms does. In 2007 this blog only averaged one post a week and this year it will be a struggle to even achieve that total. Fortunately, it must mean that my posts are interesting to a good number of readers, so to all of you who come here regularly and appreciate what I do, here is a great big THANK YOU.

Please take note when you look at the list posted above that two blogs I read regularly, 70s Classic Rock and Layla's Classic Rock Faves, rank higher on the list at numbers 51 and 69 respectively. Congratulations go out to both of them!


  1. Wow! That's fantastic - and well deserved. Keep those posts coming!

  2. Get the heck out of here! I am so surprised by this. Congrats to you, Art and me :) How cool! Thanks for letting me know.

  3. That's incredible!! Loving to blog about my passion and in great company with you and Barb. Too cool!!

    Thanks for the heads up and mention Charlie.