Saturday, August 23, 2008

Late Summer Changes

When Bloggerhythms was born over three years ago its primary function was to review CDs. In the last year though, the number of articles I have written that are something more than just CD reviews has increased. WXPN's 885 Most Memorable Musical Moments, Vinyl Moments, and Guilty Pleasures are the Bloggerhythms categories where most of these posts are featured. To my surprise I found that writing these articles was often more fulfilling than offering readers a steady stream of reviews. I also noticed that reader reaction to these articles was often stronger than it was for many of the reviews. As always, Bloggerhythms will continue to post my opinions on both new and old CDs, however, going forward, look for an even greater number of posts that discuss music in more diverse ways.

Unknown All-Stars
Also, beginning today look for some changes to the sidebar. Unknown All-Stars is a new feature that I would love to call Unknown Legends. However, since I don't want to be sued by Neil Young for copyright infringement All-Stars is a better choice. If any readers can come up with a superior title please let me know. The All-Star will change periodically and will always feature a new or unknown artist who deserves everyone's attention. Some of the All-Stars may already have reviews and articles posted about them here, some may not. All you have to do to read about each Unknown All-Star is to click on the artist's photo and you'll be taken to their website or some other informative article.

Latest From The Blogosphere
Another new feature to the sidebar is a listing of music related blogs I like to read regularly. As each blogger posts a new article on his site the sidebar will inform readers that something new has been posted and the blog will move to the top of the list. The more he or she posts the more often you will see their site featured among the currently visible blogs. If you want to see all of the blogs that will be part of the rotation, and not just the five who most recently posted, just click the "Show All" button at the bottom of the section. If you come here often you won't miss anything these fine bloggers will ever publish.

The Musical Art Gallery
Finally, Bloggerhythms plans on doing a series of occasional articles about other art forms including photographs, books, paintings, movies, and more as long as the work is related to music in some way. Stay tuned!

I thank you all for stopping by and I hope you continue to do so.


  1. Sounds great! I like the mix of reviews and comment. I also add in other subjects to my blog just to mix things up a bit so I look forward to your posts.

    Here's to the next few years!

  2. I like the new changes! I look forward to the new categories, esepcially the Unknown All Stars.

    Good move not getting Neil ticked off about using his term :)

  3. How 'bout "Legends Unk(now)n"?

    I'm into parentheses right now, sorry.

    Also, my art might fit in?