Review Requests

Bloggerhythms accepts requests to review your newly released music but, due to the time constraints of the real world, it can take several weeks for your review to be posted. Once it's online feel free to use the link anywhere you believe it will be helpful. You may also quote from it as long as proper credit is given.

Physical copies of your LP or CD sent by snail mail are preferred. If you need an address, just ask. However, digital downloads are also acceptable. In order to make it easier to discuss an artist and his or her work, if possible, please include liner notes, credits, cover art, and lyrics with your digital copy.

Do not ask Bloggerhythms to review your music if all you offer is a link stating where your album can be purchased. These emails will always be treated as unwanted ads and as spam.

Never include me on your e-mail newsletters without my permission. If you do your music will never be listened to and your email will be regarded as spam.

Requests to promote an upcoming concert tour or video will not be honored.

I look forward to hearing from you but it's not possible to respond to every request. You can contact me here.

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