Friday, March 03, 2017

Sooner Or Later It Was Bound To Happen

According to data accumulated in 2015 on mostly American Spotify users people stop listening to new music at age thirty-three. Two factors account for the researcher's findings. The most obvious one is that people continue to prefer the music they grew up with and, secondly, they discover new genres that were unfamiliar to them when they were in high school or college.

Further results show that couples with children stop listening to new stuff earlier than those who have not yet procreated and men drop out of the mainstream sooner than women do.

Without trying to brag I always looked for new music and was happy to hear it so I'm not your average music lover. While my Top Forty listening habits pretty much ended in college I continued to search out the latest tunes elsewhere. I never really settled on one particular genre but I leaned heavily towards rock, especially the Southern California sound. If some jazz, country, or folk tickled my fancy that was fine with me too because I believed it proved my musical openness and diversity (There's that word again).

In the last two or three years I've found very few new works that interest me and I've become more comfortable reacquainting myself with older music and the artists who created it. While I love the art form just as much as I always have it's no longer important to me to find the latest singer or band. It's not that I'm avoiding new releases, they just don’t move me like they used to. Sooner or later it was bound to happen.

If I do stumble across something new that excites me I'll still have the urge to get the word out and you'll read all about it here. This is why I recently posted a review of The Rolling Stones' album of blues covers. Yes, it's new music, but by a dinosaur rock band doing very old songs. (BTW folks, Keith Richards isn't dead yet).

So, if you're interested in reading about great pop music, both classic and obscure, you're still in the right place. Just don't look for as many newer artists around here as there used to be.


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