Saturday, October 15, 2005

David Dye's Tribute to Ed Sciaky

Ed Sciaky, second from left, with some very famous friends at WMMR
A few months back I posted a tribute written by Jonathan Takiff about legendary Philadelphia disc jockey Ed Sciaky. Here is an even more moving tribute from the WXPN Music Blog posted by the station's own David Dye titled What Is Regionalism?

David Dye worked with Ed Sciaky for many years at both WMMR, 93.3 FM, and later at WIOQ, 102.1 FM. Both stations were top outlets in 1970's Philadelphia alternative radio.


  1. My name is Avi Sciaki.

    My brother and I are searching and researching our roots. Beacuse our last name is so rare, We are wondering if Ed might posibly be related to us.

    Let us know how we can contact you.

    Best, Avi

  2. Please send me an e-mail at

  3. I thought it was Ed Shockey, Is he still around?

    Hey I'm looking for a song and who dunit, that maybe David Dye remembers on 'WMMR or someone that I can find it today. I'm sure the cut was on an LP or something. Possibly I can get it off the web but do not know the name or who it was by...
    It was LIKE an Indian song w/ American Indian lyrics and was done in the late 60's Early 1970's as they played it on the airwaves.
    It went like this: Witch a ta ta hindu wah Ho uanita Ho Jaunita, Hey ney, Hey neh, no wah something spinning around my head makes me feel like I'm not dead...
    If you know:
    Knoxville, Tn

  4. sounds like something that could have been done by a band named Redbone, made up of Native Americans

  5. To Scottfisher, GOOGLE the musician Jim Pepper.
    The song you seek is " Witchi-Tai-To"

  6. of all was maybe September '73 ? I was a high school sophomore and we saw Bruce Springsteen at the Tower Theater in Upper Darby.pretty sure I recall Ed was the m.c.and introduced Bruce and the band. Great show.Ed andalso Mike Tearson were prbly 2 of tge nicest Dji s out of Philly..some had huge egos..Pierre Robert and his crew of psychopomps were tge worst..he acted downright ugly one time I met him.
    sorry to hear how Ed went through all those health problems and foot amputation
    Also am amazed someone asked about the song Wichiti- to. Yes they used to play it on MMR around 75 or 76. There are two versions but they played tge one where towards the end u hear dude singing like an Indian towards tge also had some horns, saxophone ? One version by Oregon,not sure other versionBrewer and Shipley rings,a bell. " Water Spirits spin and spin around my head ..make me feel glad that I'm not dead "